The world, its organisations and their requirements are changing at breakneck speed, and so to this end must distribution, or face the distinct possibility of being left behind and forgotten about in a very short space of time.  


It's time for 'Next Generation Cyber Distribution', where emerging Cyber Technology plays a critical role while traditional security infrastructure takes a back seat. Offerings need to be provided via Software-as-a-Service models, focusing on flexible Subscription or Consumption based usage and allowing for a choice of commercial models to suit every business.  


It is fundamental that any NextGen Distributor must be able to stand alone and have the skills and resource to be able to develop not only the channel partner infrastructure, but also supply qualified pipeline delivered via a proven methodology that ultimately contributes to vendor branding, revenues, and channel buy-in.  


Cyber Fusion Distribution is that Next Generation Distributor.



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BullWall is a fast-growing international, privately owned digital innovator with headquarters in Denmark. BullWall is led with empathy and driven by passion, built on talent, dedicated to fight cybercrime in its many forms. BullWall’s overarching purpose is to break cybercrime and to combat digital fraud on file level – stop new and unknown strings of ransomware attacks in its tracks – and to provide solutions to report data breaches to regulators in a timely manner and a secure way.

BullWall RansomCare (RC) provides a revolutionary “Last Line of Defence” against the risk of Ransomware. RC will immediately react to live ransomware outbreaks when all other security solutions have failed. RC monitors your critical data (XLS, DOCX and PDF etc) and looks for any illegitimate encryption and will instantly detect any unwanted ransomware outbreak.